Pushover Notification Clients

posted: Mon, 27.05.2019

Pushover.net is a push notification service. You can register for free and set up some applications for which you can then create groups of users and send notifications by using various clients. You have to pay for the ‘receiving’ clients, but it is really cheap and absolutely worth it.

command line client (pushover.sh)

I forked a shell script from github and added support for attachments. This way you can easily send images to pushover from the command line. The script is just a wrapper for curl, but also supports a config file to save your API keys.

command line client (pushover-cli)

Then I forked and enhanced another nice curl-wrapper script. This own was maintained and pretty complete. I just added support for file attachments and changed the config file location. It also features a quick install script and installs in /usr/local/bin/pushover.

rundeck plugin

Then i forked a github repo to enable push notifications from rundeck. Rundeck is an open-source job scheduler. The original script only supported simple notifiactions showing the status and the project name, but this enhancement adds a lot more information and also changes the priority to HIGH in case of a FAILURE.

Installation and setup is pretty simple and can be done in 5 minutes.

screenshot of the ios client

Showing notifications from the home automation scripts running on raspberry pi.

IOS client example