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tools :: MyEtherWallet


If you need a secure wallet for your ether, I suggest to use MyEtherWallet. Probably the best choice is to get a copy from github and then use it locally on your air-gapped machine. If you use it online - no problem - you can do that, but make sure your machine is clean and you use the correct website.

To make things clean, I host my own version:

If you trust me - use it, else get yourself the ‘original’ version.

tools :: Regexr


To test (and learn) regular expressions, regexr is a very nice tool. It is available on, but I have hosted my own local copy on - https protected, of course.

tools :: Wiki


This wiki is read-only and contains stuff I need to remember. It serves as a braindump.

The wiki uses Jingo as engine. It is based on the internal use of markdown files, which makes it easy to add content.

reads :: Newton / Florian Freistetter

Newton - wie ein Arschloch das Universum neu erfand

Dieses Buch von Florian Freistetter ist eine sehr unterhaltsame Biographie über Newton und seine “Feinde”. Nebenbei lernt man noch allerlei über den Wissenschaftsbetrieb und das Universum im Allgemeinen. Kann ich wärmstens empfehlen.

Florian ist ausserdem ein emsiger Podcaster. Wer mehr über unser Universum erfahren will, dem kann ich “Sternengeschichten” empfehlen.

Im TV und auf den Theaterbühnen ist Florian ausserdem mit den Science Busters unterwegs.

ISBN-13: 978-3446254602

tools :: IP

Your IP

This simple website, just returns your public IP.

projects :: Moblitz Droid

Mobiler Blitzer Liechtenstein

This Android app is only for locals. It shows you the locations of the mobile speed traps in Liechtenstein and notifies you in case they moved to a new location.